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When we started searching for a purveyor, we had a few non-negotiables in mind.  First, we would only procure the most humanely raised and processed birds.  Second, we would only serve chicken that was free of hormones and antibiotics. And third, we would be able to meet the farmers in person.  We are so fortunate to have been able to find exactly what we were looking for in Coleman Natural Foods™.  Shortly after meeting the team from Coleman, we were invited to spend a morning on one of their chicken farms in Dover, DE – about 80 miles south of Philadelphia. We learned so much about how the birds are raised, what they eat, and how they are ultimately processed.  We saw healthy, happy birds that live in a temperature-controlled house with lots of light – and on warm sunny days, can leave their shelter to roam free on the farm’s property.  Most importantly, Coleman birds are NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER. This is different from Antibiotic Free – and it’s an important distinction to understand.  Antibiotic Free means that a farmer can give the birds antibiotics up to two weeks before processing, believing it should be metabolized before it reaches your plate.  NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER means just that…  Coleman does not use any antibiotics ever with their birds.   After the farm, we headed another hour south to the Perdue Processing Plant in Milford, DE. We were so impressed with the humane methods this plant uses in processing the birds and the safety and sanitation practices that are enforced throughout the entire plant. We’re so proud to be able to say we’re in business with Coleman and the iconic American brand Perdue.

Photo of owners, Laura & Todd Lyons
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