To maintain our current level of service and keep up with orders, the interior of Love & Honey will remain closed indefinitely.

We are
OPEN Wednesday - Sunday 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM. We DO accept walk-up orders; however, we HIGHLY recommend placing your order online as our wait times can range from 30-90 minutes. To order online, please read the instructions below carefully.

We will be CLOSED on Eagles Home Game Days! 

Our entire team will be working at our new concession stand at the stadium!

September 19, October 3, October 14, November 7, November 21,

December 19, December 26 & January 9





  • Wait times to prepare your order are accurate and can range from 30-120 minutes.  All of our chicken is hand-breaded and fried fresh to order.  We are NOT fast food.

  • If Caviar/Door Dash shows us as closed on a day we're open, it means we're slammed with walk-up and online orders and delivery service has been temporarily disabled.

  • Please be sure to tip your courier on the app when you order. It is difficult to get couriers to accept orders that do not include tips. If you do not include a tip, your order may be delayed or canceled if Caviar/DoorDash can't find anyone to pick up your order. 

  • IMPORTANT: We NEVER cancel delivery orders unless there is an unforeseen emergency in the restaurant.  If so, we will contact you.  If your order has been canceled, it has been done so by DoorDash/Caviar most likely due to a lack of couriers.  Please contact support.

  • Please contact support directly through the Caviar or Door Dash app for issues regarding your order. 

  • Wait time is displayed on the following page under our name.  All of our chicken is hand-breaded and fried fresh to order.  We are NOT fast food. Wait times are accurate and can range from 30-120 minutes. Please check the information button (i) on the ordering page for the current wait time.

  • At the time, we do not accept scheduled/future orders. Please note that the pick-up time on your confirmation is accurate.  We can not cancel or refund orders that are being prepared.

  • Please check your email confirmation for your assigned pick-up time.


  • Please be on time to pick up your order.


  • Please pick-up at our take-out window on the Wildey Street side.

  • A small service charge is added to all pick-up orders to help offset the current rising costs of food, paper goods, etc., and allows us to offer incentives to our team. At this time, the service charge is instead of raising our prices across the board.


  • Tips added to orders are distributed to the Love & Honey staff.